Whale spotting

Humpback whales embark on seasonal migrations between their high latitude feeding zones and their low latitude breeding grounds. The Cape Verde islands are one of the two breeding grounds for this species in the North Atlantic.

March and April is the peak reproduction season and thus the best time for viewing these acrobatic whales off the western and south-western coast of Boa Vista.

Individuals are identifiable by their natural markings (ventral section).

The males sing various different songs in part to attract females but also to maintain a distance from other males. Such activity provides a great opportunity for researchers to gather data on the temporal and spatial distribution of these whales, their behaviours as well as taking photos and collecting skin samples for their individual identification.

Their aerial display of jumps will ensure a unique highpoint to all your experiences during your stay with us.

Half-day whale spotting tours are available either in the morning (9am) or in the afternoon (2pm).

he round-trip normally takes between three and four hours

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