With its amazing biodiversity, Boa Vista is surrounded by many well known reefs, a series of shipwrecks and even brings along a few sharks for underwater company.

The coral reefs around Cape Verde are not the typical types but corals grow in various parts helping ensure the archipelago features in the top 10 hotspots for coral biodiversity. There certainly is much to see in the crystalline waters – especially when viewing the right spots. The coral community found in our bay contains the hermatypic species able to support very particular marine flora and other fauna diversity.

Estoril Beach, in Sal Rei, is an excellent place to set off snorkelling. With a dash of luck, you’ll meet the sea-turtles and in any case there is an enormous variety of tropical fish (around 100 species!).

Snorkeling 35 euro per person (material included ) 2 person mininum

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