Turtle Spotting

Cape Verde is home to the world’s third largest population of sea turtle nests, behind Oman and the southeast of the United States. However, despite their protection by national and international laws, sea turtles around the archipelago are still hunted in large numbers for traditional human consumption.

Turtle spotting tours contribute towards the survival of these ancient creatures and conveying to the Cape Verde population that a living turtle might produce more wealth (in terms of tourism employment and income) than a dead turtle.

A proportion of the revenues from turtle excursions is donated towards conservation programs and the implementation of a national plan to safeguard protected species in Cape Verde.

The turtle spotting tours (viewing the Caretta Caretta turtle nests) take place at night from early July through to mid-October. August is the peak of the nesting season.

Program: Departure from the Guest House between 7pm and 7.30pm. An 80 minute vehicle (4x4) journey gets you to the nesting beaches on the eastern-south eastern coast of the island. Instructions: a guide introduces a range of information about the biology of sea turtles and the ongoing conservation work on the islands of Cape Verde as well as the basic rules to follow to minimise any disturbances to the animals. Turtle spotting: Likelihood of seeing turtles stands at 100%. However, observers need to be aware that on the majority of occasions, the turtles arriving on the beach do not lay eggs as they do not find an appropriate nesting site. The nesting females may only be approached after they begin laying their eggs. Arrival back at the Guest House comes at between 1am and 2am. Group sizes: 6-16 persons

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